Monday, September 21, 2009

UPDATED: NRA Endorsment Controversy in the 8th HOD District

There has been some controversy over the NRA endorsement in the 8th House of Delegates District race. Salem Republican Committee Chair Greg Habeeb brought the fact in this blog post that Dem. candidate Carter Turner had not even turned in the questionnaire that the NRA sends out to candidates before they give their endorsement. Well today Turner issued this press release claiming to be pro 2nd amendment etc. etc. and claiming that he did turn in the questionnaire. I'd just like to point out two things about this and then direct you over to Greg's response with the facts on the Roanoke Valley Republicans blog.

1. Carter Turner failed to turn the questionnaire in on time. Do you really want someone representing the people of Salem and Roanoke County who can't even meet a simple deadline? I am guessing that this questionnaire was not that extensive, and probably wouldn't have taken much time out of Carter's day teaching B.S. classes at Radford with 200 people in them that probably have 2 tests, no papers, and no quizzes.

2. The Virginia Shooting Sports Association which is the official VA association of the NRA claimed their support for Del. Griffith on 8/18/09 about a month before the official endorsement. This proves that Del. Griffith has been a true champion of 2nd amendment rights during his time as a Delegate and truly has the backing of gun owners throughout the 8th and the rest of Virginia.

9/22/09 Update:
So after Carter Turner issued that little "pro gun rights" press release the NRA issued the following statement:

Important NRA-PVF Grading Information for House District 8!

Attention VirginiaNRA Members: It's Your Freedom -- It's Your Vote!

The National Rifle Association-Political Victory Fund gives all filed candidates for office equal opportunity and the same deadline to respond to our candidate questionnaires, as we have for decades.

Morgan Griffith's questionnaire was returned on time, and was flawless, serving as a reflection of his record in the House of Delegates, and thus, rightly earning our A+ rating and NRA-PVF endorsement. At the time we communicated this endorsement in a flyer to Virginia gun owners, Carter Turner, had not returned his questionnaire, which as we note, is often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility to the Second Amendment rights of Virginia gun owners and sportsmen.

We have since received Mr. Turner's questionnaire, and he has earned a grade of D-, which clearly shows his opposition to Virginia's gun owners and sportsmen. (empahsis added)

WOW! A D- minus. That's really pro 2nd-amendment buddy. I bet you wish you hadn't issued that press release and ended up with crap in your face. Man, I thought the Deeds campaign was the poorest run campaign we had seen but I think that title now goes to Carter Turner. CONGRATULATIONS!

For further reading on this topic please direct yourself to Roanoke Valley Republicans blog.

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  1. Will

    In case you missed it, the NRA has now officially weighed in and completely demolished Turner. Follow the link to read the NRA's email.