Thursday, September 03, 2009

Creigh Deeds: Governor of California

Yesterday the Washington Post wrote a follow up article to the thesis article talking about how Bob McDonnell and the campaign are trying to move on from the controversy and continue to run a positive campaign about the economy, jobs, education, transportation etc. First off I would just like to say I was quite thrilled that my friend, Franklin County Republican Committee Chairman Bill Stanley, was quoted towards the end of the article. But there is one thing and one thing only that Virginia voters should take from this article:

"Deeds made no direct comment Tuesday; he was in California raising money for his campaign."

So Bob McDonnell is in Virginia spreading a positive message about creating jobs, running a positive campaign, driving all around Virginia in an RV, and working his tail off while Creigh Deeds is out in California courting the Hollywood left and their money so they can impact a Virginia election where they are completely out of touch with the people, their lives, and their values. So if you are looking for an awesome candidate to get behind I suggest you check out the Creigh Deeds for Governor of California campaign. 

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  1. What about the presidential speech to our children on Tuesday? Is this not going to be discussed among local conservatives? I am outraged at this as a parent with school age children.