Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bob +9 over Deeds

Yesterday we saw the PPP and Survey USA polls come out for the Governor's race and the difference in the polls was quite large. If you follow political polls Rasmussen has been proven to be the most accurate poll of any of them and the one we should probably pay closest attention too. Today's Rasmussen poll shows Bob McDonnell leading Creigh Deeds 51% to 42%. This is huge as yesterday was five weeks to election day and shows that swing, independent voters are leaning towards Bob as well as the fact that Deeds has failed to appeal to the base of Dem voters while the GOP is strongly and surely standing with Bob in additon to the fact that Bob is now leading by a higher margin than he was in the most recent Rasmussen poll before today.

To read the poll in full click here.


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