Thursday, September 03, 2009

George Allen comeback?

There's been a lot of talk on the net and throughout the blogs about a George Allen comeback sometime soon which was capped off yesterday by the release of a PPP Poll  which states President Obama's approval/disapproval at 47/49 while the good Governor's sits at 50/38. I personally am a huge fan of George Allen, think he has been one of the greatest public officials that we have seen in Virginia history, and would really like to see him run for office again. I'd like to get your feedback on this so leave a comment stating 2 things: 1. Weather or not you'd like to see Sen. Allen run for office again and 2. If you would like to see him run again, what office should he run for?

I think a lot of us would like to see George run for Senate again either against Webb or Warner. I would love to see him comeback and beat Webb, but a race between the two Governors of Virginia who are without a doubt the most popular in recent history would be quite the race to watch. The only other thing I could really see George running for is President which I see to be a bit of a long shot at this point, but without a doubt I would support 100% a George Allen for President campaign. If it means anything Sen. Allen was leading the polls in 06 for the 08 race before the macaca debacle. These are the two offices that make the most sense. We really need to put up a strong candidate to run against Webb in 2012 and George would be one of the strongest we could find. Additionally along these lines other than the President, or Vice President George Allen has basically done it all. Running again for the Senate I could see happening but George has been a member of the House of Delegates, a United States Congressman, Governor of Virginia, and a member of the United States Senate so in my mind he can either go back to the Senate and basically return to where he was or he can look up and look ahead and the only place you can look ahead to from the United States Senate is the Oval Office. 


  1. wait, what about him calling the indian guy a french racial slur? really, i want an explanation as to how a racist bigot is one of the best public servants in VA history over, say, jefferson, patrick henry, james madison, robert e lee, george washington, george mason, john warner, and a few hundred more. come on dude...

  2. John Warner sucks. He was a RHINO who just sucked off the Democrats and didn't do one good thing for this party or this state. He is in the boat with the RINO crew of Lindsay Graham and John McCain, and formerly Arlen Specter. You are calling George Allen a racist bigot and you don't even know him. Everyone of the other people you named owned slaves except for John Warner.......George Allen lowered taxes, supported the 2nd Ammendment better than any other Governor in recent history, helped Virginia's public schools become some of the greatest in the country. As a senator he introduced the "Long Term Care Act" which would allow people to pay for their Health Insurance with their 401K accounts which is better than anything Barack Obama and the Democrats have been offering up. People make mistakes, you should learn to forgive them. And if he does happen to be a racist, which I doubt is true, he has the right to not like whoever the hell he doesn't want to like.