Tuesday, September 08, 2009

McDonnell for Governor Press Release: McDonnell vs. Deeds on the Economy

McDonnell: Endorsed by Virginia’s Small Business Owners; Voted for over $2billion in Tax Cuts; Carried Legislation to Kill Death Tax

Deeds: Endorsed by Teamsters, SEIU and AFL-CIO; Voted for over $3.5billion in Tax Hikes in last 5 Years; Richmond’s Biggest Spender

Creigh Deeds:

“People are worried about how they are going to pay for their retirement, worried about how they’re going to keep their kids in colleges, worried about feeding their families,” Deeds said. “There’s bad economic news everywhere. Those issues are just dominating.”
The Washington Post. July 12, 2009

The Records, The Endorsements

The Records
  • As a Delegate, Bob McDonnell received a 91% rating from Virginia’s small business owners [NFIB Rating]
  • Creigh received a 94% rating from big national unions[AFL-CIO Blog, July 28, 2009]
  • Bob voted over 50 times to cut taxes by over $2 billion
  • Creigh voted for the two biggest tax hikes in Virginia history
  • Creigh voted for 19 separate tax hikes on just one day last year
  • Creigh voted to raise the gas tax by 30% at a time when gas was already over $4 a gallon [Washington Post]
  • And Creigh has voted for $3.5 billion in tax hikes in just the last 5 years!
  • As a delegate, Bob McDonnell carried legislation to eliminate the death tax [HB2490, 2003]
  • And Creigh voted against it[link]
  • Bob McDonnell led on tort reform and stopping frivolous lawsuits that penalize hard working Virginians and hurt the ability of small business to create jobs [HB1127, 2004; HB1126, 2004]
  • Creigh co-sponsored legislation to triple the medical malpractice cap and he voted against a bill designed to prevent frivolous lawsuits from going to trial, opposing the interests of Virginia’s job creating small businesses [HB2628, 1999; HB1218, 2000]
  • Bob McDonnell’s lifetime business rating from Virginia FREE, a pro-free enterprise organization, was consistently in the top 10 [link]
  • Creigh’s Virginia FREE ratings have been in the bottom half of the State Senate every year [link]
  • As Attorney General, Bob McDonnell cut his budget by 14%, gave back his state car, and took a pay cut
  • Creigh…... bragged about being the biggest spender in Richmond[link]

The Endorsements
  • Bob McDonnell has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the voice of Virginia’s small business owners
  • Creigh Deeds has been endorsed by the Teamsters Union [link]
  • Bob has been endorsed by Virginia’s farmers
  • Creigh is bankrolled by big national unions [link]
  • Bob McDonnell has been endorsed by Virginia’s Realtors
  • Creigh has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO

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