Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm Back- Live report from the 5th

First off I'd like to apologize to all my readers for my absence. I needed to take a break from blogging for a number of reasons but now I'm back.

Well, today is June 8. PRIMARY DAY in Virginia and many other places.
Here are my predictions, looks like it should be a good day for me everywhere but out in California (I am supporting bolded candidates in today's primaries):
Hurt 40% 
McKelvey 20%
McPadden 13%
Ferrin 12%
Morton 9%
Boyd 3%
Verga 3%

First three are obvious in my opinion, Ferrin will do better than expected because he had billboards and was on the radio, Morton gets nine after the implosion, Verga gets three, and Boyd gets three doing well up north but terrible everywhere else.

Fimian 54%
Herrity 46%

SC Governor
Haley 52%
Barrett 22%
McMaster 16%
Bauer 10%

Bauer's political career is over, hopefully he takes Mike Huckabee with him.

Berry 56%
Murray 44%

CA Senate
Fiorina 51%
Campbell 30%
DeVore 19%

CA Governor
Whitman 58%
Poizner 42%

Nevada Senate
Angle 42%
Tarkanian 30%
Lowden 28%

I am registered in to vote in the 5th now because that is where I go to school. I drove from Roanoke to Farmville to vote today.
Signs on 460:

-McKelvey definitely had the most signs, lots of 4×8s and yard signs.
-Hurt close second, a ton of 4×8s and a few yard signs.
-McPadden lots of yard signs a few 4×4s
-Ferrin billboard
-one Feda 4×8
-one Verga yard sign
I was voter #57 at the Hampden precinct at the Hampden-Sydney College Fire Department. Low turnout but signs for all candidates outside.


I didn't make at prediction in the VA-02 race because I don't believe I have followed that race closely enough to make one, but I do want to encourage anyone in the 2nd District to vote for Bert Mizusawa. He kind of jumped into the race late but has gained some momentum and will probably come in 2nd today, but if he wins that would be great. If he doesn't win we will without a doubt have a mediocre nominee running against Nye. If Regill wins I will definitely support him but we could have definitely recruited someone much better. So I am going to talk Bert up a bit last minute and hopefully get him some more votes. All info per his website.

"I believe that lower taxes give Virginians more money to use where we need it most, and they allow small businesses to create jobs. High taxes only stifle real economic growth, create big government, and kill jobs. Our nation’s debt is growing exponentially and is being fertilized by the Democrats’ dream of big government. We must reduce and eliminate our debt to improve the value of the dollar and attract business investment.”

“We have access to the cleanest and most affordable energy resources in the world. However, special interests have successfully created a bureaucracy that works at the expense of the taxpayer and against common sense. That red tape makes it time consuming and financially exhaustive to access and use these resources. I support the proven success of offshore drilling and nuclear power to bolster energy alternatives and independence, and I will support incentives to accelerate the development of wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, and other energy sources. I firmly oppose a national cap and trade tax because of the increased costs families and businesses will be forced to pay.“

Bert Mizusawa is 100% pro-life and will vote that way in Congress. As a husband and father, Bert knows that we must protect the sanctity of human life.

Israel lives every day under the threat of terror and is our closest ally in the Middle East. It shares with America a commitment to democratic ideals, a respect for faith, and a commitment to peace in the region. Bert Mizusawa supports US policy to protect Israel and her citizens from terrorist attacks.
  • #1 Graduate, West Point
  • Army Airborne Ranger
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard MacArthur Fellow
  • Financial Attorney
  • Brigadier General, USAR
  • Decorated Combat Veteran
  • Silver Star recipient
  • Small business president
  • Senior defense official
  • US Senate professional
  • First in family to college
  • Husband & Father

And I'd like to leave you all today with something I posted back in December. I was looking back at some older posts a while back and thought this would be something for us all to think about after the results are announced in the various primaries today. I had originally geared this specifically to VA-05 but can go for all of today's primaries- VA-02, VA-11, VA-08, SC Governor, California Governor and Senate,  Nevada Senate etc.

Just some good food for thought as we move on to the general election.

In this post on RedState Chuck DeVore's Communications Director Joshua Trevino puts to rest the conflict between their campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. DeVore, a California Assemblyman, is seeking the Republican nomination and has been involved with what is a similar conflict to the conflict many of the GOP candidates for Congress in the 5th District seem to have with the National Republican Congressional Committee. The NRSC went out early and recruited Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP who is a VERY VERY moderate candidate (much more so than Robert Hurt mind you), and un-officially endorsed her candidacy for the US Senate from California over DeVore and has been accused of favoritism in various forms. Well the conflict has been put to rest and candidates in the 5th really need to consider what the DeVore campaign has decided to do here.

Trevino says in the post:

Mission-driven conservative warriors have a penchant for wanting to clean the Augean stables. But it turns out King Augeas has more than one stable. You, the activists who read and sustain this site, can and should focus your energies on the Augean stable that is our national-Party establishment. Here in California, we’ve got our own Augean stable to clean: the mess that Democratic governance and left-wing ideologues have created, bringing to ruin what by right ought to be the most prosperous spot on the planet. The impoverishment of California is the greatest act of policy-driven vandalism since the Fourth Crusade, and the human suffering that results is the sole moral burden of Democrats — of whom Barbara Boxer is the witless archetype.
That’s our fight. That’s Chuck DeVore’s fight. That’s the fight we at DeVore for California focus on every single day. And fighting that fight — not the fight with D.C. Republicans — is how we’ll win. We must earn the right to lead this fight in 2010, by beating Fiorina for the right to take on Boxer. You can help us do exactly that. What role the NRSC wishes to play in this is its choice. It may continue as it has, and that would be a pity, but also beyond our control.

While our state is in a much better situation than the state of California candidates for Congress in the 5th shouldn't focus their campaign and their message on supposed wrongs by the NRCC, Robert Hurt, and the 5th District GOP Committee. Like it or not, what has happened in the past happened. There will be a primary on June 8, 2010. Like it or not, it's happening. Let the activists and bloggers, the donors and grassroots work out the wrongs done by the NRCC and 5th District Committee. There will be an election for 5th District Chairman this spring and if you don't like the way Tucker Watkins has done things, then vote for someone else. The candidates need to stop attacking the NRCC and the 5th District Committee and focus on the issues important to the citizens of the 5th District.

Reality shows us that Rep. Tom Perriello had 21 town hall meetings with his constituents over the summer. In these town hall meetings the people voiced serious opposition to the health care reform bill which came before the House as well as general opposition to any serious government intervention into our health care system as well as any general cuts to Medicare. Despite his constituents expressing these views in his town hall meetings Perriello voted in favor of the health care reform bill which passed in the House of Representatives. Evidence shows us that "Cap and Trade" legislation will kill jobs in the 5th District which is an area that has already suffered greatly due to the economic crisis. Despite this evidence Perriello voted for the "Cap and Trade" bill. Evidence showed us that the economic stimulus plan would not help citizens of the 5th District and would only cause our nation to go into greater debt which the future citizens of the 5th District would have to pay off in exorbitant taxes. Despite this evidence Tom Perriello voted in line with Nancy Pelosi in favor of the economic stimulus package. This is the reality we are facing in the 5th District.

The candidates for the GOP nomination shouldn't worry about the intra-party fighting that is going on. Leave that to the party activists  and drop that from your message. Tell us what solutions you will bring to Washington that will put people back to work, empower the free market, cut spending, rid us of burdensome government intervention and regulation, and protect life and liberty. I hope Robert Hurt, Feda Morton, Michael McPadden, Ken Boyd, Laurence Verga, Ron Ferrin, Jim McKelvey, and all their staffs can take a lesson from Chuck DeVore.