Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look out, huge partsian appointment coming for US Attorney

Since John Brownlee resigned as US Attorney from the Western District of Virginia in 2008, to run for the Republican nomination for Attorney General of Virginia, the Western District has had a temporary US Attorney sitting in. Well folks at the recommendation of Sen. Jim Webb (it still blows my mind how you could go to the Naval Academy and be that liberal) and my boy Sen. Marky Mark Warner, Barry has nominated Timothy Heaphy to fill the vacancy of US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. Heaphy is a partner at McGuireWoods' Charlottesville office and previously served as Deputy Managing Assistant United States Attorney for the Charlottesville Division of the Western District of Virginia. In my first look at Mr. Heaphy I thought this wouldn't be too bad of an appointment, he is a partner at McGuireWoods which is a very respected firm and is a graduate of UVA. Doesn't look to bad right. Well turns out that this guy is a huge partisan hack and someone I really wouldn't want to see confirmed by the Senate by that is looking very unlikely. If Sotomayor gets confirmed this guy definitely gets confirmed. Mr. Heaphy was hired as Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia in April 1994 by guess who, current Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder who, if you have kept up with the workings of the DOJ since Barry took office, has made some extremly bad judgement calls and peeved off a lot of Republican members of Congress to the extreme. Mr. Heaphy considers Holder "a friend and mentor" ever since he was hired to the Assistant US Attorney job in DC. The following is quoted from the questionairre Mr. Heaphy was required to fill out and return to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary:

In the summer of 1987, I was first a volunteer then a paid staff member on
Senator Joseph Biden's campaign for President. I worked as a Press
Assistant on the campaign staff in Washington, DC. I was compensated for
approximately 3 months of work before the campaign ended in September of
1987. I subsequently joined Senator Biden's Senate Staff (as described

I have never had an official role in a political committee or campaign or been
a member of any campaign committee. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel
compelled to add, however, that I have held fundraisers for candidates for
public office and volunteered my time on political campaigns over the years.
Since leaving government service in 2005, I have held or cosponsored
fundraising events for Congressman Tom Perriello and Virginia State
Legislators R. Creigh Deeds, David Toscano, Brian Moran, and Steve
Shannon. I also raised money for President Obama and volunteered my time
to the voter protection and GOTV efforts of the Obama campaign in 2008, in
both South Carolina and Virginia.

When somoneone is a supporter of Barack Obama, Tom Perriello, Creigh Deeds, Steve Shannon, and Brian Moran I begin to question their ability to make sensable judgements because those are some of the main people looking to destroy Virginia and America right now. God help the Western District of Virginia.

Mr. Heaphy's full questionairre can be found at this link

And more information about Mr. Heaphy and his appointment can be found here

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