Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Bob McDonnell is the future of the GOP

The big deal with conservatives in America this year has been the battle between the GOP establishment and the grassroots conservatives. It has been highlighted extensively on Red State as well as by our friends at VA Social Conservative. There have been many occurrences where battle has escalated seriously this year beginning with the ousting of Jeff Fredrick as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia in April, to the Crist v. Rubio fight in Florida, to NY-23, and on to California in the Senate battle between establishment candidate Carly Fiorina and the choice of the conservative grassroots Chuck DeVore. These in-fights have been prevalent and received much media attention and probably are not the beginning or end of battles between the two factions.

In Virginia this year Bob McDonnell was the most successful candidate in Virginia in recent memory. His campaign message was flawless and he ran a perfect campaign focusing on the issues that matter most to the people. In a National Journal poll of Congressional and Political insiders set to be released tomorrow Bob McDonnell was rated as the political figure who most impressed GOP Congressional and Political insiders this year.

Which political figure has most impressed you this year?
Congressional Insiders

Dems                        GOPers
Barack Obama          31%   Bob McDonnell     13%
Nancy Pelosi          16    John Boehner       9
                            Mitch McConnell    9
                            Sarah Palin        9
Political Insiders
Dems                        GOPers

Barack Obama          25%   Bob McDonnell     22%
Nancy Pelosi          11    Sarah Palin       11
You are now probably to the point where you are saying, "Will why are you touting this information, we all know principally you are a staunch conservative who tends to sympathize with the grassroots in cases like this?". But that's the beauty of it and the reason why Bob McDonnell is so successful. Bob McDonnell never wavered from his core conservative principals during his campaign and based on the noise from his transition it looks like he will continue along that path as Governor.

The fact is Bob McDonnell has found a way to appeal to both the GOP establishment and the grassroots conservatives. He took the support from both factions of the party and put together a completely united base that stood behind him from day one. If Bob McDonnell had been solely the  choice of the grassroots conservatives or solely the choice of the establishment he could have either A. simply lost the election or B. won a close election with nowhere near the margin of victory he did on November 3. Will other principally conservative candidates be able to wow both factions of the GOP and continue this trend of blowout victories?


  1. ...uhm what about some guy from Fairfax named Cuccinelli?

  2. Just wait...that post is going to be even better than this one.