Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2012 Speculation for US Senate seat Part 2

John Brownlee- I know he has been encouraged to run again for office and this is probably one which he will want to throw his hat in if he does want to run for office again as others like Cantor, McDonnell, Cuccinelli, and Bolling will likely be passing  this one up. He has name recognition from a previous statewide run as well as holding a high level federal appointment. Negatives include the failed AG bid as well many questionable actions as US Attorney. I am also skeptical of weather he has any desire to run again after the failed AG run as he has stepped away from the Republican party quite a bit since May. But if wants to run for something this will represent one of his best chances. My prediction: Possibly running

Rep. Bob Goodlatte- Goodlatte has begun taking a higher profile recently over the past 12+ months on the fight against the Democrats excessive spending and highly intrusive agenda which could signal a desire to run but he has never given any other signals in regards to this. Despite this I think his name will continued to be thrown out on the blogs and in conversation and he will be encouraged to run. Rep. Goodlatte seems to be perfectly content representing the 6th District though and could possibly move up in House leadership after the upcoming 2010 election in which he will likely be unopposed after the embarrassing showing of Sam Rasoul in 2008. My prediction: Possibly running

Rep. Rob Wittman- Wittman is a Congressman who I feel has done a lot in a very short time in office. He has yet to even serve a full term in Congress and has accomplished a great deal especially with the Chesapeake Bay Accountability and Recovery Act.  Additionally Wittman has taken steps to be a leader among the House Republicans by working to start the Republican New Media Caucus. Wittman is someone who definitely has leadership potential at the statewide potential but there are many questions on weather Wittman will be able to garner much excitement statewide.

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  1. As long as Davis doesn't run I predict it becomes a Marshall v. Forbes contest with Marshall winning. Too many of the people thrown around in the last couple of days make little sense. That said if Jim Webb chooses to retire I think you could see a lot more activity on the Republican side.