Monday, December 14, 2009

College Republican Resolution Sent to the 10th District Congressional Committee

In the last week a resolution was passed by the College Republican boards of Patrick Henry College and Christendom chapters. These are the only two CR chapters in Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

The resolution was sent via e-mail last night to the 10th District Committee using the e-mail list provided on the committee's webpage.

The resolution addresses the issue of the date of the 10th District Convention. In previous years it has been scheduled for the same date as Patrick Henry College's graduation. This coming year both PHC and Christendom have their graduations on the same date (May 15th), and the resolution requests that the convention be scheduled prior to this date so that CRs from both schools can participate.

I have been told that this may seem like a ploy to get more conservatives to go to the convention since both schools are pretty conservative. That is not what this is. As college Republicans we believe the party should be encouraging not hindering politically active young people from participating. The two boards that passed this resolution represent the most politically active college students in the district.

Some have suggested that scheduling the convention for the same day as Patrick Henry College's graduation has been intentional by Chairman Jim Rich. I am not willing to make that accusation. However, if after receiving this resolution he and the rest of the committee set the convention date for May 15th or a date after it can only be concluded that the 10th District Committee is intentionally trying to keep young people out of the process.

While none of the clubs in the district have representation on the committee, we strongly hope that Chrissi Lee (the CR rep to the committee from Virginia Tech) will take this resolution as her own and represent the college republicans in the district at the meeting on December 17th.

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