Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009-2010 NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision Bowl Game Predicitions

When I started this blog my goal was to occasionally blog about things other than politics to spice things up on here as well to give myself and my readers a break from politics, because politics isn't the only thing going on in the world right now. So in order to do this here are my 2009-2010 College Football bowl game predictions:

New Mexico- Dec. 19, 2:30pm, ESPN Fresno State 42 Wyoming 14
St. Petersburg- Dec 19, 8:00pm, ESPN Rutgers 27 UCF 17
R&L Carriers New Orleans- Dec 20, 8:00pm, ESPN Southern Miss 48 MTSU 24
MAACO Las Vegas- Dec 22, 8:00pm, ESPN BYU 27 Oregon State 24
Should be one of the more interesting bowl games.
San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia- Dec 23, 8:00pm, ESPN Utah 35 California 31
Sheraton Hawaii- Dec 24, 8:00pm, ESPN SMU 33 Nevada 28
Emerald- Dec 26, 8:30pm, ESPN USC 36 Boston College 33
Not a fan of either of these teams, USC is probably the better team and should win but it will probably be a close game. I am still bitter about Boston College being in the ACC, probably the worst decision especially in the view of a fiscal conservative like myself who despises the fact that UVA has to waste so much money on travel expenses all the way to Boston for minor teams that don't  bring in much revenue.
Meineke Car Care- Dec 26, 4:00pm, ESPN Pittsburgh 48 North Carolina 17
Pittsburgh is an outstanding football team flat out an should win this game with no problem. Plus I always have to go by a rule that was taught to me many years ago as a young boy: ABC- Anybody But Carolina
Little Caesars- Dec 26, 1:00pm, ESPN Ohio 24 Marshall 21
Gaylord Hotels Music City- Dec 27, 8:00pm, ESPN Clemson 33 Kentucky 17
 Clemson avenging Kentucky's win over the East Carolina Pirates in last year's Liberty Bowl for me shouldn't be much of a problem if the real Clemson team shows up or the one that showed up in their losses to Maryland and South Carolina.
Independence- Dec 28, 5:00pm, ESPN Georgia 27 Texas A&M 21
Champs Spots- Dec 29, 8:00pm, ESPN Wisconson 20 Miami (FL) 17
EagleBank- Dec 29, 4:30pm, ESPN Temple 15 UCLA 9
At least Army won't be playing in this bowl. I love Army. I have the utmost respect for the school and try to always pull for them unless they are playing UVA or ECU (which are my two favorite teams), but after their dismal performance against Navy they deserve to be neither eligible nor worthy of playing in a bowl game. 
Pacific Life Holiday- Dec 30, 8pm, ESPN Nebraska 21 Arizona 0
Roady's Humanitarian- Dec 30, 4:30pm ESPN Idaho 34 Bowling Green 27
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces- Dec 31, Noon ESPN Houston 49 Air Force 10
Texas- Dec 31, 3:30pm, CBS Missouri 24 Navy 21
Brut Sun- Dec 31, Noon, CBS Stanford 33 Oklahoma 21
Insight- Dec 31, 5:30pm, NFL Network Iowa St. 24 Minnesota 17
Chick-fil-A- Dec 31, 7:30pm ESPN Virginia Tech 35 Tennessee 17
Despite my pick I'll definitely be pulling for a Tennessee win. I am throughly angry that Virginia Tech is in this bowl because I am going to have to put up with all my poorly educated friends who are Tech fans wanting to watch the game on New Year's Eve.
Outback- Jan 1, 11am, ESPN Auburn 42 Northwestern 14
This is the bowl no one wants to be in because anyone who had more than a minute of a good time the night before is not going to be awake at 11am on New Year's Day to watch this game. I don't really have any direct connection to Auburn so I don't consider myself a fan but they are a team that I have always enjoyed watching and I usually pull for them. That being said I don't plan on being up for this one but plan on Auburn making sure that the last time Northwestern won a bowl game is still the 1948 Alamo Bowl when this one's over.
Capital One- Jan 1, 1pm, ABC LSU 49 Penn State 46
This game should be the best non-BCS bowl game this year. These two teams could have easily been in BCS bowl games if Penn State hadn't cost themselves the conference championship by loosing to BOTH Iowa and Ohio State and if LSU had been able to beat Ole Miss and either Florida or Alabama. Look for a lot of offense from both teams. This is also a big match up as far as status of both the Big Ten and SEC. SEC without a doubt has been the premier conference in the nation and LSU has been a huge part of that success but look for Penn State to come out strong really wanting  to win this one as a Penn State win would show the nation that the Big Ten can hang with the SEC.
Konica Minolta Gator- Jan 1, 1pm, CBS West Virginia 34 Florida State 28
I'll be flipping channels back and forth on New Year's day as we have two of the best bowl match ups of the  year taking place at the same time in the same state143 miles apart. All that aside though, this will be Bobby Bowden's last game as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles and they will without a doubt be looking to win one for their coach. West Virginia does great in the bowl setting and has won four straight bowl games but they have underperformed to expectations greatly over the past two seasons.  There will also be Big East vs. ACC pride on the line here which is another big factor in this game. West Virginia will come out on top due to the fact that FSU will be largely playing on emotions, FSU has a terrible defense and  containing  Noel Devine will be a huge task, and West Virginia is a much more experienced team with bowl experience and success over the past four years.
Rose- Jan 1, 5pm, ABC Oregon 42 Ohio State 28
Oregon played awesome to finish out the season and definitely has the momentum going into this game. Ohio State is historically overrated and doesn't really have the offensive fire power to hang with Oregon.
Allstate Sugar- Jan 1, 8:30pm, FOX Florida 38 Cincinnati 30
Tebow's last game and they are going to come out hungry right off the bat. Cincinnati has a lot they can prove with this game. Brian Kelly has moved on to Notre Dame so look for them to be hungry to prove they can win without Kelly. A Cincinnati victory can also be big for the Big East as they look to establish themselves as a football conference and would also most likely leave Cincinnati at #2 at the end of the season. Additionally a Cincinnati victory would allow them to finish undefeated for the first time since 1952 when they closed out the season a whopping 3-0. Despite the numerous positives for Cincinnati if they win this game there is no way any team  in the nation could beat Florida after that loss to Alabama. They will come out and play their best football of the year.
AT&T Cotton- Jan 2, 2pm, FOX  Ole Miss 27 Oklahoma State 17
Another game which will be a very interesting and entertaining game as both of these teams were potential contenders for BCS bids had it not been for a bad loss or two.
Autozone Liberty- Jan 2, 5:30pm, ESPN East Carolina 33 Arkansas 30
As a die-hard East Carolina Pirates fan this will be the game which I will most be looking forward to. I love the fact that C-USA is matched up with the SEC in this game because this without a doubt will let them test themselves to what their progress has been after throughout the season after disappointing losses to West Virginia, North Carolina, and SMU early on. The SEC team in this game is usually a lot better than the C-USA team despite their record which is a testament to the level of football played in the SEC. The Pirates will be facing an Arkansas offense led by QB Ryan Mallett and will face the similar challenge of a pass heavy offense similar to the one which they were able to hold to about as little production through the air to pull out the victory against Houston in the C-USA championship game. If ECU can play good defense, have a solid ground game on offense which feeds off success on defense and leads to Pinkney being able to find Dewayne Harris and Darryl Freeney open they will be successful. They also need to win the turnover battle which means interceptions and forced fumbles.
International- Jan 2, Noon, ESPN2 South Florida 27 Northern Illinois 24
Papajohns.com- Jan 2, 2pm ESPN South Carolina 36 Connecticut 35
Alamo- Jan 2, 8pm ESPN Texas Tech 24 Michigan State 21
Tostitos Fiesta- Jan 4, 8pm, FOX  TCU 17 Bosie State 14
FedEx Orange- Jan 5, 8pm, FOX Georgia Tech 39 Iowa 14
GMAC- Jan 6, 7pm, ESPN Central Michigan 52 Troy 49
BCS National Championship- Jan 7, 8pm, FOX Alabama 37 Texas 17

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