Sunday, December 13, 2009

5th District GOP Committee chooses Primary

Yesterday at a meeting of the 5th District Committee in Appomattox members of the committee voted 19-13 in favor of a primary. Honestly I am totally shocked that this happened. Despite my support for Hurt in this race I supported a convention for many reasons. I really liked the challenge of winning in a setting where Hurt wasn't supposed to win if we had a convention. From what I had heard with my ear to the ground over the past two weeks all signs said convention so I am really shocked. I am quite concerned about the number of Dems who  will possibly plan to vote in the primary for someone who has less ability to challenge ole Tommy boy. But I'll take the cards that are dealt and I am looking forward to a primary.


  1. Looks like someone was anticipating a convention vote and didn't fix the title.

  2. I was at the meeting. Most of the people in the audience were Tea Partiers. After the vote, they were visibly upset. The primary election is on June 8th.