Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rubio Stimulus Debacle

My main focus on this blog has always intended to be politics in the Roanoke Valley and Virginia as a whole but another goal in starting this blog was to advocate the conservative cause and conservative movement as a whole. In the latter goal I have attempted to be a staunch advocate for conservative Republican Marco Rubio who is the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who is running for the United States Senate and is involved in a heated primary battle with RINO Gov. Charlie Crist.

The center of Rubio's campaign message has been attacking Gov. Crist's avocation of President Barack Obama's "stimulus" plan earlier this year which included Crist appearing with Obama at an Obama campaign 2.0 rally in Florida which was one of many held by Obama throughout the country advocating the stimulus. Well recently in an interview with a local Florida TV station Rubio has stated that he would have accepted the stimulus. Well you know the liberal media, the statement was blown way out of proportion and taken way out of context and said that Rubio would have accepted the whole thing and advocated for it etc. etc. Today the Rubio campaign issued the following statement which will hopefully clear the air in the situation and show us what fine news media we have in America today.

Charlie Crist campaigned with President Obama in support of the $787 billion stimulus spending bill and pressured Florida's congressional delegation to vote for it. And if he had been in the U.S. Senate, he would have voted for it. Unlike Charlie Crist, I do not believe we can deficit spend our way into prosperity. I would have stood up to the Obama-Crist stimulus package and offered a clear alternative in the form of permanent tax cuts.
Advocating for the stimulus plan and accepting those dollars are not the same. The stimulus was a disaster and I would have fought it in every way possible. But once President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Crist mandated their mountain of debt, I have said I would have handled the stimulus money the same way real conservative governors like Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin and Haley Barbour have.
The difference is clear. Charlie Crist actively advocated for this fiscally irresponsible stimulus policy. At a time when most other prominent Republican governors were fighting Obama's stimulus and offering conservative alternatives, Charlie Crist actually championed the Obama package and helped him pass it. Charlie Crist may not understand what he did wrong or he may just want to forget it, but I'm confident that Florida Republicans won't.

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