Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Virgil Goode Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2010

Today Virgil Goode announced that he would not be seeking the GOP nomination in 2010 for the 5th District Congressional seat. I am very disappointed by this, but this is a similar situation to Chris Saxman. As great of a job that these two men have done and as much as we want them in to represent us they are bright men and know what they are doing in their situations. That being said I think we have an awesome option for this seat and that is State Sen. Robert Hurt. Also a former delegate, Sen. Hurt is a great guy who is well respected and well known throughout the southern portion of the 5th District which is the most Republican leaning section of the district while the northern part towards Charlottesville tends to be more liberal due to all the academic liberals at UVA etc. I really don't think that Bradley Rees, Cordell Faulk, or Rob Bell could really garner the votes that Sen. Hurt could. And the fact that Sen. Hurt has served on the Chatham Town Council, in the House of Delegates, and the State Senate means that he has a voting record to prove his positions whereas Rees and Faulk really would just be coming out saying I'm going to do this, that, and the other without really anything to back it up with which I think is key in elections especially with technology where people can really look deeply into a candidate on the internet.

Here is a link to Sen. Hurt's website contact page. There you can send Sen. Hurt an email and encourage him to run for the seat if you feel lead to do so.


  1. Why would we want another New York Lawyer running in the 5th?

  2. Sen. Hurt may have been born in New York but other than that he is Pittsylvania County through and through. He grew up there, went to Hampden-Sydney College in Prince Edward County, and served on Chatham Town Council. If you want to call him a New York Lawyer when his only serious connection that I know of to New York is that he was born there. Also, he went to law school in Mississippi. So I feel you are clearly misinformed if you are calling Robert Hurt a New York lawyer.