Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The choice of the Roanoke Conservative Daily for the 11th Congressional District: Keith Fimian


The Roanoke Conservative Daily officially endorses Keith Fimian for United States Congress in the 11th District of Virginia. Keith ran a great campaign last year and I am glad he has decided to run again despite his loss last November. I think without Obama and Warner on the ticket, with a Bob McDonnell victory looking more and more likely, and with name recongition and supporters from last year Keith will be in great position for a victory in 2010 and a great addition to our team of Bob Goodlatte, Rob Wittman, Randy Forbes, and Frank Wolf.

Official Campaign Statement:

Fairfax, VA -- Last year I campaigned for Congress on the platform of fiscal responsibility, opposition to corruption and the need to get our economy moving. Those issues are even more critical today.

Consider how Congress has gone out-of-control on spending:

-A staggering one year Federal budget of $3.6 trillion, nearly half of which ($1.7 trillion) will be financed by debt.
$787 billion stimulus law that has done nothing to slow unemployment or spur economic growth.

-A cap-and-trade boondoggle that contains massive taxes that will hit Northern Virginia families.

-The numbers are mind numbing. And that doesn’t even include the trillion dollar health care bill being debated!

This Congress has blown through spending records without even reading the bills they are voting on! And the spending has not slowed the growth in unemployment. Rather, creating economic insecurity. Northern Virginia families are hurting and Congress has no answer but more spending.

I had hoped that Gerry Connolly would learn from his mistakes. He drove Fairfax County’s budget into a $648 million ditch of red ink. Then he moved across the Potomac and has continued being a rubber stamp for runaway wasteful spending in the trillions.

We have to say NO to the politicians and special interests who are pushing our nation into bankruptcy. We need to encourage, not burden, small businesses so they can hire people and help our economy grow again.

Because Gerry Connolly has proven he is incapable of addressing the challenges Northern Virginia families face, I have decided to run once again for the 11th Congressional District.

The hard truth is America faces enormous challenges. We are mortgaging our grandchildren’s future with this spending and massive debt. It jeopardizes our jobs, economy, retirement, homes – our entire way of life.

I’ve created jobs. I’ve tackled tough budgets. In Congress I will put the brakes on the spending, curb the special interests and focus on getting our economy moving again, so our children and grandchildren will have an America as great as the one we inherited. I ask for your support.

Keith Fimian

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