Friday, July 17, 2009

Deeds Ducks Debates; McDonnell Gains Momentum

Dear Voter,

I’m sure you have noticed the now steady drumbeat from Virginia newspapers wondering why Creigh Deeds won’t accept Bob’s invitation to debate ten times across Virginia. First, we offered Creigh a specific set of ten debates covering the entire state. He said no. Next, we offered to work together on a new schedule of ten debates. Creigh said no again.

As of now Creigh has agreed to only one debate, and that is slated for a Saturday morning in July in his own county!

At a time when Virginians are hurting, our economy is struggling and we are facing major challenges more and more people are wondering: Why won’t Creigh join with Bob to discuss the important issues in this race in front of voters?

Check out what Virginia papers are saying:

The Lynchburg News and Advance: “Statesmen run campaigns based on thoughtful, spirited discussions with voters in which they confront the enormous issues and challenges of the day. Be a statesman, Sen. Deeds; go for the full, 10-debate schedule."

Inside (Potomac News and Manassas Journal Messenger): “Bob McDonnell, the GOP’s pick for governor, has challenged his opponent, Creigh Deeds, to 10 debates as well. Again, we urge the Democratic nominee to accept.”

The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star: “The governor's race deserves more than sound bites, bumper stickers, 'tweets.' Want to really 'friend' Virginia? Debate, Mr. Deeds."

The Roanoke Times: “Deeds should agree to more

The Waynesboro News-Virginian: “"So do the state a favor, Mr. Deeds. Let us see your ideas tested against another's."

The Winchester Star: “So we, like a few other newspapers across Virginia, say, "The more debates the better." Give more Virginians a chance to see how these two men weigh in on the day's important issues.”

And while Creigh continues to duck debates, Virginians continue to rally behind the one candidate in this race out there talking about where he stands, and what he will do as Governor: Bob McDonnell.

That’s why the two most recent polls in the race have voters moving towards Bob. Bob has gained 9 points in the latest Rasmussen poll, taking a lead over Creigh. And he’s up 6 in the latest data from Public Policy Polling.

As we head into the end of July it’s becoming clear: Voters want leadership, they want authenticity, they want new ideas to create jobs and opportunities. The candidate offering that? Bob McDonnell. And we couldn’t do it without your support!

Phil Cox

Campaign Manager

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