Saturday, July 25, 2009


Even though I wasn't able to attend the debate and bring you true live coverage I was able to watch the stream online and bring you updates from our twitter page @nokecondaily. You can visit our page and read our updates from throughout the debate. I'd especially like to thank the College Republican Federation of Virginia and the Salem Republican Committee for providing me with some good stuff to Re-Tweet.

Overall I think Bob was definitely the winner. He was more prepared and didn't duck the issues like Deeds did. Deeds really wanted to dodge card check and Cap and Tax issues. He believes that we shouldn't be talking about things that are happening in DC because they are not important issues or problems that face Virginians. I also pointed this out on Twitter but what Deeds is misunderstanding is that decisions that Congress makes effect the whole United States and this Card Check and Cap and Tax legislation is going to effect Virginia businesses which will in turn effect Virginia families. In this it seemed like he was trying to distance himself from Barack Obama but he is making an appearance with Obama next week in NOVA. Doesn't make sense to me at all.

Another thing Deeds touted during the debate was that he has been endorsed by former Republican legislators (Keyword: FORMER). Most notable of these is former Sen. Brandon Bell of Roanoke who was defeated in primary in 2007 by current Sen. Ralph Smith who has proven that he is an outstanding legislator and doing much better job in Richmond than Bell.

In my opinion Deeds just seemed like he was giving the same old Dem. lip and saying we need solutions but not really offering up any. Bob McDonnell proved time and time again that Creigh has no transportation plan and doesn't plan to have one at all. Bob McDonnell has offered up a detailed transportation plan that contains what Bob McDonnell will do for transportation solutions as Governor and also states exactly how he plans to pay for it and nowhere in the plan does it call for higher taxes.

All in all, a great job by Bob McDonnell. I would like to declare Bob McDonnell the winner of the first of what I hope will be ten real debates and not forums/joint apperances.

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