Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Impact of Sheila Johnson endorsment for Bob McDonnell

The endorsement of Bob McDonnell by Sheila Johnson is huge. At first I kind of blew it off as nothing but the signifigance of this can take Bob McDonnell no where but up. Shelia is the Co-founder of Black Entertainment Television, a lifelong democrat, the first ever female African-American billionare, owns many businesses in and out of Virginia, and is a co-owner of the Washington Wizards of the NBA, Washington Capitals of the NHL, and Washington Mystics of the WNBA. Sheila has made many campaign donations over the years mostly to Dems and mostly to Tim Kaine. Click here to see Shelia Johnson's campaign donations.

First off this shows two demographic groups that Bob McDonnell is very weak in, Northern Virginia and African Americans, that someone who is a very big deal and also a very successful in both communities believes that Bob McDonnell is the best person to lead us through troubled economic times where everyone is hurting.

Secondly this shows business people, both in small and big bussiness, that Bob McDonnell is someone who is looking out for the interests of businesses in Virginia. He will cut back on regulations and allow business to operate more freely so they can do what they are supposed to do- make profits. Sheila Johnson knows business and if she believes in Bob McDonnell than businesses through out the state should to.

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