Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wanted to pass this along

Ok....I really need to study....this is the last thing I am going to blog today. Just as a preview of the posts I plan to write about why I support Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli I want to pass this along from JR Hoeft of

Specifically, when I see that one gubernatorial candidate has voted over 50 times to cut taxes in his career and another candidate voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history, wanted to impose a 120% increase in the gas tax during a recession, voted for higher cigraette taxes, et al., I think it’s pretty clear to me as to who I can count on to keep my taxes low.

When I see one lieutenant gubernatorial candidate was so off with her state revenue projections that it generated a billion dollar budget deficit, despite repeated warnings from the other lieutenant governor candidate, it’s pretty clear to me who has a better understanding of the state’s financial picture.

When I see one attorney general candidate who’s voting track record has tacked further and further to the left with every re-election and the other’s remain consistently pro-taxpayer, pro-business, and pro-family, it’s pretty clear to me who I can count on to effectively run one of the state’s largest law firms.


  1. What do you think about McDonnell opposing $125 M. in bailout cash which was supposed to extend VA unemployment benefits? IMHO, it's an utterly ludicrous position borne out of partisan pandering.

  2. I am not trying to take a stab at our economic problems or people who have lost a job right now because those are both real and serious situations that are happening in the world right now. That being said though, I have not heard a single person complain about the unemployment benefits that are already in place, they seem to be quite efficient. IMHO McDonnell's opposing of the bailout had nothing to do with partisan pandering, but with values. I believe and Bob McDonnell does as well in less government and to uphold that principle he believed that there was no reason to accept the bailout or extend unemployment benefits beyond what they already are.