Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My candidate Troy Bird

I want to tell you guys about my view on the candidate for the House of Delegates in the 11th District: Troy Bird.

As most of you know, I am the communications director for Troy bird. So this view may be a bit biased but I don't really care. Troy Bird comes from an interesting childhood. From being a missionary to Brazil, to living in a tent in Tennessee. Troy lives on the principle "life is a classroom". He truly believes no matter what, you as a citizen in America can make it. Troy truly comes from a humble background. And he still lives a very humble life. Now, enough of me rambling.

Now, most of you who do not know Troy, might be put off by his long hair, tattoo's and ear rings. Fear not, that does not make him a liberal. Troy is a hardcore conservative and will not wavier his beliefs. People in the 11th district do not care on how he looks. They look for substance, and they see that in Troy. He can truly relate to them as a common person, more so than a clean-cut lawyer. Troy has had two jobs to provide for his family, he has been on food stamps to make sure has family has been fed. What other politician do you know that has been through that? He knows what some of these people are going through. He can truly help them out, when he becomes delegate.

Troys platform is this: Make Roanoke's education system strong, not only Roanoke's but the whole State. Find ways to make Roanoke a more job-friendly area. Work with people on creating a long term energy solution, that will save people money.

I want to vote for Troy, Because he is a great candidate, with great idea's. He is pro-life, Pro-2nd amendment, pro-family. He has had a challenging life, but he is making something for himself and that my friends is what America is all about.

To find out more about Troy Bird, please visit his website-

So long!

David J O'Neal, Jr

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