Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap and Trade

It is late and I should be asleep but I really need to post on this because this is such an important issue about our freedom and liberty as Americans. I am not going to go into it hugely in this post but I want to later this weekend. If you are not familiar with the situation google it and I'll give you an in-depth update on Sunday here. I was on the way to my family reunion in NC and was listening to a play by play by conservative talk radio host Mark Levin on the radio as the lead up and the vote took place. The listeners were able to hear from Patriots Rep. Mark Pence from Indiana and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota who offered in depth analysis of what had happened and what was going on during the time they were speaking on the phone to Mark Levin about the bill. First off I want to commend Majority Leader John Boehner for holding the vote as long as he did as one of the traditional three members of the House who have unlimited speaking power and are allowed to do the equivalent of what would be a filibuster in the Senate. Also, this may be less recognized on conservative radio and Fox News or in other blogs but I want to just commend Whip Eric Cantor and his staff. We may not have heard it but I can assure you that they have been busting their asses for the past 24+ hours trying to get this thing shot down and despite it getting passed, they did a good job for having such a minority. Also I would like to thank and commend Rep. Randy Forbes from VA for putting up an amendment to it and fighting the good fight. I am glad that Virginia's representatives are taking a lead in the stand for freedom and liberty and the fight against socialism. I am going to post a list of the Republican representatives who voted for this bill. We need to let them know that it is their fault that this bill passed and let them know that it will not be forgotten by their constituents or the American people. The bill that they voted for goes exactly opposite of what the Republican Party believes in and the principles that the United States of America was founded upon. I encourage you to contact your Senator (Republican or Democrat) and urge them to vote no to this bill once it is voted on in the Senate. If you live in VA (which I suspect most of you do, though I gladly welcome readers from other states) please contact Senator Mark Warner at 202-224-2023 and Senator Jim Webb at 202-224-4024. If this bill is signed into law by Barack Obama it is going to affect every single American family or business in a negative way. Many jobs are going to be lost and we are just going to have to waste more precious time making sure we comply with ridiculous government regulations. If this is passed America will never be the same. Again, I will have some in depth analysis for you on Sunday. Have a great weekend! And if you live in VA go to your victory office tomorrow and walk door to door for our ticket!!!!!

The 8 Republicans who broke with our core principles and gave up on fighting for values that their party fights for like freedom and liberty are: 

  • Bono Mack
  • Castle 
  • Kirk
  • Lance
  • LoBiondo
  • McHugh
  • Reichert
  • Smith (NJ)
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