Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My choices in Bearing Drift's "The Berrys 2009"

Our fellow VA Conservatives over on Bearing Drift have set up awards for the best use of the internet in the campaigns this year in different categories. First off I would like to encourage you to vote. In my eye Bearing Drift is the leader in conservative blogging in Virginia, and having Bearing Drift around has been a great source of laughs and campaign analysis throughout the whole year. For me personally I was new to political blogging this year and Bearing Drift set the standard and example for the rest of the conservative bloggers in VA to follow. The Berrys are a great idea and I'd like to offer to my audience my choices:

You can see all nominees and vote by following this link

For the record Bob McDonnell's campaign was exempt from the awards as Vincent Harris and Harris Media have done ran probably what has been the best online campaign since it has become such a popular tool in campaigns. This is one area where we failed big time in 2008 and Bob McDonnell and his team set out to prove they could kick the Dems ass online this year. They didn't just kill them online they set the standard for years to come for any candidate no matter where they are or what office they are running for.

Best campaign video of 2009:

Will Morefield for Delegate:

Being in Southwest VA Will Morefield's campaign for Delegate hasn't received much recognition around the state. From what I've seen he has run an excellent campaign. The RPV came out with some great videos this year but this one is the best out of any of the campaigns. I have a little background in video editing and to put a video together with such beautiful transitions, narration, shooting, and on and on and on takes a lot of time and skill even for just this short one minute clip. And despite the fanciness of the video, the shots, message and music all mix together so well and really allow the message to resonate with the viewer.

Best Campaign Blog of 2009:

Roanoke Valley Republicans. No questions. Greg Habeeb has done an outstanding job on the blog and has been another one of the blogs that has set the standard for the rest of us out there trying to blog.

Best Use of Social Network:

Ken Cuccinelli

Most candidates, weather in Virginia or elsewhere usually don't manage their own Facebook and Twitter. They are busy traveling and trying to spread their message to voters personally. Despite Ken's busy schedule he always took the time to upadate his Facebook and Twitter HIMSELF. He put a huge personal touch on his Facebook and really interacted with his supporters the way no other candidate really does. Just another reason why he's the grassroots King of Virginia.

Best overall use of Web 2.0 in 2009:

Ken Cuccinelli

Two months ago if I was asked this question I would have said that Cuccinelli definitely has the edge on the social networking side of this but his campaign website is a little dry and unattractive. But then they started updating it. Adding pictures, more information on the issues, press releases, latest news, more on the issues and now the website has really blossomed into really outstanding piece of work. So without a doubt once again: it's Ken Cuccinelli.

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  1. I am glad you agree about Greg & Adam. They have taken the Republican Party to the next level in the valley. I nominated them the day it came out about the Berry Awards.