Friday, October 16, 2009

Fundraising Comparison Cuccinelli v. Shannon

Special Guest Post from Sen. Ken Cuccinelli

We raised 673K. 200K came from nat'l GOP support, so raised 473K ourselves.

We had 1791 total donors; 780 of whom donated over $100, and 1011 of whom donated $100 or less.

Shannon raised 533K. 225K of his came from nat'l Dem support, so he raised only 308K - the lowest amount of any statewide candidate in September.

Steve had 556 total donors; 454 of whom donated over $100, and a paltry 102 of whom donated $100 or less.

He barely made it into triple digits of small donors! Ouch. We have once again brought in nearly 10 times as many small donors as he has. Double ouch. These are the folks that are going to help us close strongly ON THE GROUND (not to mention, we again have twice as many donors over $100 as he does).

Not to mention the fact that we have once again come in with far more donors - 3+ times as many total donors (recall that we had over 4 times as many for July and August). Note that the only finance period that we are aware of in which more total donations came into an AG candidate's race was our own record-shattering July/August period. But for our own record number of donors in those summer months, the number of donors that helped us this period would've shattered the previous record by over 50% (over 600 above the old record).

At least we know who has the grassroots campaign in this race!

Current cash on hand is where Shannon has his advantage (remember, he didn't have a Dem nomination contest). He has $1.421 million on hand, while we have $935K - a 3:2 advantage for him at the end of September.

We outraised Shannon for the third period (out of 3) since the convention.

After the convention, Shannon had a 10 to 1 cash on hand advantage. At the end of June, he had a 4 to 1 c.o.h. advantage. At the end of August he had just over a 2 to 1 c.o.h. advantage.

Now, he started negative radio ads in SE Va. early in September and he went up on T.V. earlier than we did in September. These are things he gets to do b/c he has more money; however, we are still ahead of him in every poll and he is a virtual unknown in many parts of Virginia (I don't have that problem).

So, if we can continue to try and close the cash on hand gap, we are in a good position to be competitive right to the end. If you can donate to keep this momentum going, we would appreciate it! You can donate via our webpage at

Thanks to all!

I know these numbers look encouraging, and they are, but I would like to encourage anyone who can to donate ASAP to the Cuccinelli campaign. The Dems essentially think Deeds and Wagner are lost and they are going to save Shannon. WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN. We may be beating him on the ground, but we must stay on TV and the radio. We are trying to raise $100K before election day and have raised $30k so far. All you have to do is click the donate button at the top of the site.

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