Monday, January 11, 2010

Hurt puts to rest debate attacks

In an email this morning to supporters, State Senator Robert Hurt put to rest claims from other candidates in the 5th Congressional District that he is ducking debates:

 I also want to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep our Republican voters in the 5th district as informed as possible as to who is the most capable, serious and experienced candidate to take on Tom Perriello in the fall. Debates are a great way to showcase our individual talents and expertise, and while most of us running for this seat agree on just about everything, debates are time honored tradition that are good practice for the fall. 

Finally, as many of you know, I am being referred to as the "front-runner" in this campaign. While I'd rather be the front runner than at the back of the pack - it has come with its fair share of false attacks by some of my opponents. While I am proposing 5 district wide debates and plan on attending many more forums, my opponents are stating that I am somehow "ducking" debates. Apparently, they believe that if you say it loud enough and repeat it enough times that people will believe it.

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  1. Mike McPadden is the constitutional conservative candidate in this race. Endorsed by several liberty organizations Mike McPadden is the best choice in VA5 for Individual Liberty, Sound Money and Constitutional Restraint. Robert Hurt on the other hand is the moderate who has raised taxes for Virginians and infringed on parental rights. Can you say RINO?
    Fact Check on “Ducking the Debates”- When Robert Hurt agreed to be at the tea party debate in Cville on 1/22 then he backed out- that is 'ducking' a debate. Call it what you want William but this is not put to rest.
    Mike McPadden has called for a conservative convention to put one conservative up against the moderate Robert Hurt in the Republican Primary. Then the people will decide if they want a conservative or a moderate to go against Tom Perriello.
    Joshua Solovskoy

  2. Hurt and LaCivita are LIARS. During Thanksgiving, Hurt personally committed to the 3 Tea Party GOP debates being held. The dates were chosen to fit HIS schedule and needs, then the other candidates were consulted on whether or not it suited them. To retract on his commitment is highly suspect, considering the bulk of the debates he will NOW attend are sponsored by the GOP, which is rare. We all know that the GOP is trying to shield and protect him from the hard and tough questions he is sure to face from the 5th. With this track record, he's a shoo-in for Congress, being a constituent-dodging GOP shill before ever setting foot in the House. Watch out, Hurt, the 5th is on to you.